Your exciting rollercoaster as entrepreneur in 2 minutes

This feeling, the feeling we describe in the video, says everything. Time doesn’t matter if you love what you’re doing. Forget everything around you for just two minutes and let your feelings running free while watching the video. This is the story of life as an entrepreneur. What do you feel?


The roller coaster that’s called entrepreneurship
You have that spark inside of you; it’s ready to find it’s way to success. The only problem is that you don’t know yet where to start. You have your goal in mind, and your dream is very clear. But while searching for ways to go about it, you realize it’s not going to be a comfortable ride. There are a million paths to choose from. If you don’t know what playing field you’re on, it’s hard to become the best player. In entrepreneurship, you don’t know the game. It’s a major time investment to gain the knowledge you need. Entrepreneurship is limitless, so time is the only limit. It’s a big commitment since it will change your lifestyle completely. Not everyone can make it. Can you? Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone!

Our support to you
The purpose of 30minMBA is to empower individuals to reach their full potential. We help to re-imagine the workplace and work exclusively with companies. So, we wanted to create something to directly empower high achievers and make it more accessible. That’s why we started the Be Brilliant Academy. We’re so excited to share this academy filled with courses for high achievers who’re looking to achieve more. For the innovator, the builder, the creator, or the giver. To increase their performance, to maximize their lifestyle, or to build something to change the world for the better.

Turn your spark into a product within 4 weeks
So, could you relate to the video above? If yes, you’re probably a lot to achieve exactly what the video is describing. We’re here to support you! To turn a spark into a product within four weeks, the Be Brilliant Academy has created an entrepreneurship course. See it as your shortcut through the start, a step by step guide. You might already be an experienced entrepreneur looking for a new way to build your product. You might be an intrapreneur or innovator coming from the corporate field ready to start for yourself. You might be a young professional dreaming to change the world for the better. Whether you’re coming from, you’re all high achievers. And high achievers love to achieve. If that’s you, this course is tailored for you.

How to build a purpose-driven startup?
The entrepreneurship course is called: How to build a purpose-driven startup? Therése Gedda, Founder and CEO of Be Brilliant Academy, guides you through the whole process from spark to product within 4 weeks. 4 weeks sounds challenging, and it is. That’s why we recommend you to be fully committed to seeing where it leads you. The course is focusing on design thinking, business culture and problem-solving. It’s 15 hours in 16 modules. It’s an actionable and practical course with 12 specially designed documents that help you use your insights right away. It’s the perfect experiment to start working for yourself, to start building something, to start your road to freedom, to solve a problem or to change the world for the better. The only thing you need before you start is ambition. So, how ambitious are you to achieve your dreams?

Achievement and Performance Coaching
Sounds exciting? Read more on the website of the Be Brilliant Academy to see how you can reach your full potential. When you’re there, you will also come across our Achievement and Performance coaching packages. For the high achievers who’re looking for personal coaching in their journey to achieve greatness, Therése Gedda is there to help. Go check out the website to explore more.

Ready to reach your full potential? We’re ready to empower you, let’s go!

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