A company's culture can be designed, but it takes the decision to design it and to design it well

Ready to embrace the Future of Work?

I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know
— Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne
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Our Approach


Science meets Vision

Our workshops and talks are founded on a unique combination of scientific research, working hands-on with companies globally, and a visionary business perspective. Our CEO, Therése Gedda, is a recognized thought-leader on the Future of Work and Culture. We support companies in North America and Europe by re-imagining their workplaces through proprietary futuristic models and frameworks. Our insights go beyond industries, roles, and career stages.


Putting the Audience at the Center

We're focused on maximizing the impact of well-designed cultures and the wellbeing and performance of high achievers. We prioritize being available for speakers dinners, meeting and interacting with audience members personally, and recording a short video before the event to promote it internally and/or externally.


Highly customized support

All talks and workshops are customized and centered on our client's vision, goals and context to ensure a lasting impact.


From 5 to 5,000 people

Leading with a giving mindset, our speakers build strong connections with audiences of all sizes. Regardless if it's five executives in the boardroom, 100 thought-leaders at an invitation-only event or 5,000 professionals at a large conference, we engage and inspire all.


Multi-Talented Speakers

Our team has the unique ability to deliver keynote speeches from 15 to 60 minutes and workshops up to 8 hours at a time.


Vast Experience in Business, Learning, and Entrepreneurship

Our interdisciplinary team's experience in building and growing businesses is extensive. For 17 years our Founder alone has inspired more than 30,000 people around the world as a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, executive coach, keynote speaker, and guest professor. All our workshops and talks are created based on our research and experience.


International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Therése has delivered keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions to High Achievers and high performing companies in more than 10 countries all over North America and Europe. She is recognized as one of the most influential people from the Nordics by Nordic 100 and has been awarded the SKAPA award in memory of Alfred Nobel. Our international team and Therése's expertise is at the root of our delivery.


Empowering individuals to reach their full potential

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How we deliver impact

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Actionable Workshops and Programs

We deliver custom-designed workshops and programs to support you in analyzing and creating an action plan to design or scale a thriving culture.

Are you looking to explore a specific topic within Future of Work, futuristic leadership or business culture with the aim of boosting motivation, engagement, collaboration or productivity?



Keynote Speeches

Learn how your company can design a thriving business culture with a highly engaged workforce. Looking to explore the latest trends on Future of Work, business culture, entrepreneurship, or the high achieving mindset? These talks are delivered by the international thought leader, Keynote Speaker and award-winning entrepreneur – Therése Gedda.

Curious to learn more? View Therése’s whole Speaker Portfolio here.

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 Topics We Explore

Future of Work / Workplace Engagement / People First / Business Culture / Leadership / Futuristic Models / Driving Engagement / Leading with Appreciation / The Charisma Mastery / Innovation / Speed Management / Entrepreneurial Mindset / Empowering Decision-Making / Autonomy / Excelling Learning / Recognizing Mindset / Creativity / Leading on Potential / Distributed Teams / Recruiting on Culture / High Performance / High Achieving Mindset / Productivity / Increased Wellbeing


Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Thought Leader

Therése Gedda is a recognized Keynote Speaker on topics connected to the Future of Work and mindset.

She has inspired, motivated and empowered over 30,000 people for 17 years all over the world including in cities such as New York City, Toronto, London, Paris, Venice, Lisbon, Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Boston, Amsterdam, Helsinki, San Francisco at conferences, universities and corporate events.


Explore Therése’s most requested talks

The Future of Work and Business Culture

  • The Future of Work – How to Design and Scale a High-Performing Business Culture Where People Thrive

  • Attract and Keep High Achievers – How to Recruit on Culture using a Futuristic Method

  • Design a Thriving Startup Culture – How to Scale Your Business Successfully

  • 30 Minutes-a-Day Equals Brilliance – The Future of Learning

  • Hacking Innovation – How to Design a Culture that Fosters Breakthrough Innovations

High Achievers and Mindset

  • MAPPED Brilliance – Thriving with the High Achiever Mindset

  • Achieving Greatness with Lifestyle Design – Be a SMART Achiever


Therése is an extraordinary entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. A conductor of energy and magnetism, she engages audiences through her passionate performances, providing audiences with immediate and actionable insights. Combining her background in elite fitness and her extensive professional experience, Therése has motivated people all over the world to reach their goals in both their personal and professional lives.
— Stefan Engeseth, Guest Professor and Author
A collaboration with Therése Gedda means that you can feel completely confident with the outcome. She is very committed and is always well-prepared. She is amazing on stage, inspires many people and adds a great value to our participants. We at Venture Cup are very grateful and excited about our partnership with Therése.
— Emilie Lidgard, Regional Manager at Venture Cup Sweden
I hereby give Therése Gedda my highest recommendation both as a strategic advisor and as a motivational speaker. I have had the great joy of encountering Ms. Gedda on several occasions and she continually over delivers – most lately as a keynote speaker on Internet Discovery Day, an industry leading event geared towards key people in the Swedish start-up and new media sectors. Her spoken qualities are excellent as well as her analytic capabilities as an advisor. I fail to see how anyone doing business with Therése Gedda could fail in being satisfied with the encounter.
— Johan Jörgensen, Founder and Partner at Grädde Invest. Venture Capitalist of the year, 2011

Accomplishments and Highlights

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