What Did You Learn Today? – 3 Questions That Can Spark Your Performance

One of the amazing things about being a keynote speaker and leading workshops with people from across the world is to experience that magic that occurs when people realize something more is within their power. The spark in their eyes when they connect the dots and begin aiming higher than ever before. 

Besides inspiring people to greatness, being a speaker enables the opportunity to spark or reignite the passion for learning and exchanging ideas during the event. However, how often do we truly receive the lessons we encounter on a daily basis? 

A good friend of mine once asked what I had learned that day, and it made me realize how important it is to reflect on our daily lessons. Regardless if you are a startup CEO, a passionate executive or ambitious student, I’ve found there are 3 daily questions that can empower you:


 1. What motivates you?

When I did my research at Stockholm School of Economics about success factors among entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, there was one theory that really stood out. The theory about how important a sense of achievement is to feelings of personal and professional success and fulfillment.

How easy is it to forget this? Think about your past week and how easy it can be to go a whole day, where you know you got a lot of things done but didn’t end the day with a sense of achievement. How did this make you feel?

 Your sense of achievement can come from both small and large accomplishments. It could be anything from checking off something you have been procrastinating, to launching a new product. The important thing is not what it necessarily is, but how it makes you feel. 

 By working on and completing things each day that motivates you and brings you closer to your goals will start building an amazing sense of achievement that will almost pull you forward into the excitement of the next day. Momentum builds momentum. So when you are in the habit of both getting things done and working on things that matter to you, magic will begin to happen around you as if by…. well, magic! 


 2. What makes you excited?

Learning is often rewarding in and of itself. It helps us to become a better version of ourselves. It helps us grow and can inspire us to become more than we thought possible. This is one of the reasons why I’m so excited about building 30minMBA where we make it possible for you to develop your business skills on the go.

But we can all use the space for learning in our lives more efficiently. Regardless if it’s watching documentaries, reading books or using a product like 30minMBA, without a routine it’s easy to go days or even weeks without learning something new. 

To explore what we care about and excites us is essential for learning. By choosing something we are passionate about, it’s not only easier to get learning into our calendar but also, the actual learning will be more efficient. So, what makes you excited? What skill would you love to learn this month?


3. How do you capture your lessons? 

We are all busy. Very busy. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have time. Our goals and priorities shape who we choose to be today.  To continue growing, however, it’s important to acknowledge that we are constantly learning and therefore are constantly capable of making new and better decisions. By choosing a time in our calendar for ourselves – if just for a few seconds or minutes – we have the chance to reflect on our accomplishments, lessons, new capabilities, and ideas. 

 So take a moment for yourself and reflect for a few seconds each day. Take the time to own and be proud of your ideas and experiences. Years ago I started capturing my own reflections at the moment when I had them. Eventually, this became the basis of a yearly activity of reflecting on insights, experiences, and lessons which is instrumental in much of my personal and professional success.

It’s amazing how much wisdom we carry inside ourselves. Don’t let yourself get distracted by our non-stop society with a constant stream of information and things we need to do. Schedule time to capture your lessons, your thoughts and your ideas about the future. In a surprisingly short time, you just might be amazed at the magic and joy that has sparked such meaningful performance in areas you once considered to be relatively untouchable.


This article was originally published at Therese Gedda.com, written by Therése herself.


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