We came, we saw, we rocked Barcelona: Creating magic at Mobile Sunday and 4YFN

Although Spring doesn’t officially start until next week, the sun was certainly shining when our Founder & CEO Therése traveled to Barcelona for Mobile Sunday and 4YFN (Four Years From Now), kicking off Mobile World Congress 2017.

Therése had the joy of delivering her signature keynote ‘Brilliance – Thriving with the Entrepreneurial Mindset’ to a buzzing room at Mobile Sunday. Therése was introduced to the stage by London-based fellow entrepreneur Lu Li whose book, ‘Dear Female Founder’, Therése contributed a chapter for last year.

In her keynote, Therése shared what the success factors are for the entrepreneurial mindset, how it influences your daily sense of achievement and flow, and how the entrepreneurial mindset expands your mind to embrace opportunities.

A couple of days later, Therése was part of an incredible panel entitled ‘Hacking an event like a Viking’ at the 4YFN conference. The panelists and crowd were absolutely buzzing! During the discussion, Therése spoke about how to be “a giver” and how to align your goals with your conference strategies such as how to approach high profile individuals and invite serendipity into meeting great new people.

Being one of leading tech events in the world, 30minMBA was right at home at Mobile World Congress 2017. As an award-winning company dedicated to mobile learning and behavioral change, we had the absolute pleasure of sharing how our product can help increase workplace engagement and how companies can help their employees learn actionable business concepts “on the go”. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in who we are and what we do!

Connecting with so many incredible individuals from all over the world and creating special moments is what it’s all about. During the four days, Therése had the pleasure of joining the Chairman Dinner located in the beautiful mountains and an exciting Skyroam dinner with a table full of passionate executives. A big thank you to Startup Sesame thank you for a wonderful dinner, bringing together so many change-makers and passionate founders on one table.

A massive thank you to Mobile Sunday, Startup Sesame and all the amazing people Therése had the pleasure of meeting – so many wonderful memories have been created!

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