We excited to announce our Founder, Therese, is speaking twice at HR Vision Amsterdam this week

We are excited to announce that Therése Gedda will be traveling to the Netherlands this week to deliver not one, but two keynote talks at HR Vision Amsterdam.

The 30minMBA Founder and CEO will be speaking at the pre-conference dinner taking place tonight (6 June 2017) as well as the conference itself which runs from 7-8 June 2017 at The Postillion Convention Centre, Amsterdam.

HR Vision Amsterdam 2017, which gathers HR and L&D professionals across the world, will focus on how digitization, technology, AI, and robotics are changing the way we work, the role of HR and how you can prepare for it.

At the pre-conference dinner on Tuesday night, Therése will deliver her ever-popular signature talk ‘Brilliance – Thriving with the Entrepreneurial Mindset’. Attendees will learn what the success factors are for the entrepreneurial mindset and how it influences your daily sense of achievement, flow, and fulfillment, how to achieve ambitious goals and realize your potential, and how the entrepreneurial mindset expands your mind to embrace opportunities and makes it easier to challenge fears head-on.

At 12 pm on day one of the conference, Therése will deliver her popular talk ‘Recruit Amazing Talent Based on Culture, Learn on the Go and See Your Culture Thrive’. Attendees will learn how to recruit based on culture and increase the engagement in their workplace, learn the process on recruiting based on the company’s values and culture, learn how to empower people, develop their professional skills on an ongoing basis and keep a growth mindset, and how to show appreciation that resonates with people to make them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam!


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