Reimagine Technology – Putting Humans at the Center of Innovation

There’s no doubt that we’re living in exciting times right now. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, there’s no hotter topic than tech and how it influences and impacts our lives. Attend any tech conference and you’ll undoubtedly hear discussions, predictions, and updates on the imminent arrival of AI and driverless cars, as well as a host of other buzz topics like VR, drones, and 3-D printing.

The advancements we’ve seen in tech over the past decade have been revolutionary in the way we interact with one another through our hand-held devices, apps, and social media platforms.

With the increasing normality of remote-work, tech has also greatly impacted the workplace. These changes provide an incredible opportunity to reimagine the way we work, along with the tools and solutions available to us.

Technology has already been able to support us in simplifying our jobs. We’ve started seeing robots replacing certain previous human functions in the workplace, and we can expect to see new tech solutions and advancements playing an even greater role. Developing tools that assist us in our jobs and to simplify our lives, it’s extremely exciting.

When it comes to communication, connectivity, and engagement in the workplace, tech also offers us a wealth of opportunity to optimize the way we work and connect with our peers. That is, however, only if we allow it to. Aside from being revolutionary in the way of making the once seemingly impossible now possible, advancements in tech are merely entertainment if it doesn’t provide us with meaning in our professional and personal lives.

One of the goals of 30minMBA is to increase engagement in the workplace through ongoing learning in line with how we live today – using the latest technology to empower individuals to reach their potential. We believe the greatest advancement is the ongoing development of the human mind. After all, what is more, important to creation than the mind itself?

While there are tech solutions which can assist with a great number of technical challenges, tech cannot manufacture or replace the human need for meaning, purpose, passion, and connection. Regardless of how sophisticated tech becomes, we can never lose sight of the human element and the impact technology has on our lives.

How does tech help you in your personal and professional life? We’d love to hear from you!

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