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Culture in a company consists of the entire foundation. It sparks your purpose; why you do what you do? It’s designed so everyone joining the journey knows what values to hold on to. The culture shows a way to write, talk, to make decisions and so on.

Not everyone has experienced the importance of a thriving culture yet. Just like our team member Inge Peeters, before she joined. When she started four months ago, she didn’t know what a thriving business culture was. And so she got introduced to the workplace of 30minMBA.

Inge came from a world full of expectation of what the “real world” might be. Working from 9 to 5, living for the weekend and knowing your place as a starter. That’s still how it works in some places, but not at 30minMBA. We designed our culture to be open-minded, flexible and full of opportunities. “The best part is that I have the feeling everything is possible. There are no boundaries, and I can bring in every idea I have to the table. I can even act upon it right away”, describes Inge.

When the 30minMBA team was brainstorming about the next topics for the Youtube videos, Inge pitched an idea about business culture. She talked with so much passion about her experience that we decided to put her in front of the camera. It’s her story, from one millennial to another millennial.

Her idea of sharing the story is to show other millennials that there is always a place where you can work with passion, in line with your values. A workplace with a purpose! Enjoy the video where Inge describes her experiences with the 30minMBA culture.



In our effort to re-imagine the workplace, and be the champion for the high achievers, we’ve created the Future of Work playlist on Youtube. Do you want to become the Futuristic You? Then this is the right playlist for you.

We hope you enjoy our videos and as always, achieve greatness!

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