Making the ordinary, extraordinary: Bringing Mindfulness to our Day

Most of us have daily routines which we go about without any great awareness. We get up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, and we go to work. But just how conscious are we of what we do during our morning routines and how they affect the rest of our day? Instead of simply gulping down our coffee, we also have the option to bring our awareness to the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans and to savor that first sip.

Perspective is everything. If we are able to see our daily routines as rituals, we have the power to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.


Routines as Rituals

Plowing through your work inbox can be seen as a chore, or it can be seen as a cleansing ritual to maximize productivity and efficiency. You can haphazardly fire off 100 e-mails replies, or you can approach each e-mail as an opportunity to connect with the recipient. Look at your workplace and see how you can optimize it for inspiration and productivity. Is your desk neat and tidy? Have you got photos on your desk that inspire you?

Try examining how you currently spend the time between getting up and going out the door to see where you could make positive changes and make this time more valuable. As 30minMBA Founder and CEO Therése Gedda explained in her interview for The Epoch Times, “by taking the time to consciously reflect and go through the choices needed to change, minimizing the risk of continuing to be guided by unhelpful habits and old truths”.


Slowing Down

Bringing mindfulness to what we do has many benefits. By simply slowing down whatever it is we are doing, we automatically become more present. By becoming more present, we are able to respond instead of simply reacting, which can also aid in focusing, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Starting the morning by journaling is one act that’s been scientifically proven to increase our levels of happiness. As shared in our article ‘New Year, New You’, journaling for just 5 to 10 minutes a day can provide us clarity, assist us with problem-solving, processing feelings, be sorting through mental clutter, and decoding scrambled messages.


Empowering Rituals

Being mindful of our time and creating rituals that encourage our personal and professional development and increases self-awareness does wonder for our wellbeing. On average, we have 30 minutes a day at our disposal for personal and professional development. Allow the time to perform the rituals which will positively impact your day ahead. An empowering ritual of journaling, meditating, and exercising can be transformational, and it needn’t take a long time. With new habits comes new opportunities and as photographer Chris Grosser says “opportunities don’t happen, you create them”.

It’s not necessarily about doing more, but being more conscious and savoring. Being present in each activity you do can make every day feel more important.

What are your morning rituals and what changes can you implement to make the ordinary extraordinary?



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  2. Nootrina May 30, 2017 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    A great hack to make life happier is mindfulness I’d say! Excellent write-up!

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