Life as a startup CEO – FAQ part two with Keynote speaker and 30minMBA Founder & CEO Therese Gedda

 Following dozens of requests we received through our newsletter and countless conversations we’ve had during conferences, we’re excited to share part two of our FAQ with keynote speaker, Founder & CEO Therése Gedda.

In addition to the many interviews has done for publications including Veckans Affärer, SvD (Svenska Dagbladet), Shortcut, and others, Therése often receives questions about her journey, how she got started, and what lessons she’s learned along the way. It’s our pleasure to answer some of your questions here.

You can also check out part one of the FAQ here.

We hope you enjoy the read!


1. How do you balance your personal/professional time?

That’s an excellent question. I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 15 years and for me it’s a lifestyle. I don’t separate work and play nor “work” and “life” – to me, it’s all life. It’s a lifestyle full of adventure, personal and professional growth, a strong sense of achievement and moments of brilliance. It’s also challenging at times, so letting other passions on top of your startup being part of your lifestyle is important to me.

I love connecting with people and organizing events/dinners, so it’s something I regularly do.  I’m also passionate about health and wellbeing. Growing up, I used to train athletic fitness on a professional level, and today I’m a fitness instructor. Power walks, martial arts, and dancing is also something that has been part of my lifestyle as long as I can remember.


2. What’s your greatest fear as a brand owner?

To not stand for anything. Standing for something takes courage and it’s not always easy. If you are not known for standing for something it’s near impossible to attract the rockstars to your team, your dream clients and to build the partnerships you desire. By standing for something, in 30minMBA’s case empowering individuals to reach their full potential and increase workplace engagement, people who believe in what we believe are attracted to our company and brand.


3. Can you explain how your personal mindset influences your life and business?

Your mindset is everything. This is something I talk about a lot. In fact, my signature talk as a keynote speaker is called ‘Brilliance – Thriving with the Entrepreneurial Mindset.’

Our thoughts and expectations influence our actions. There is so much to say about your mindset, but in short, I would say that your mindset is a choice. You choose if you see something as positive or negative. You decide if the glass is half empty, half full or full. I see the glass as full – full of water and air.

Another part of a thriving mindset is to make a habit of turning wisdom into practice and adopting a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. With a growth mindset, you are able to approach any opportunity with passion and determination. Also remember, momentum builds momentum, so if you choose to thrive, you are unstoppable.


4. What are your top 3 bits of advice for starting a business?

This is a great question. I think that there is some general advice when you are setting up business outside your immediate market. Our team is spanning three continents and we acted globally from the start.

A. Tap into the pace of the market and city you are in. Every place has a different way of doing business. This is the case when it comes to everything from how quickly to answer an email and invite someone to lunch to how to sign a deal with a new customer and how to recruit a new team member for your company. Learn how things are done locally by interviewing experienced founders and executives who know your industry.

B. Stand for something. Just as mentioned in question eight, in busy, large markets, it’s more important than ever to stand for something and be true to your brand.

C. Be a Giver. Adopt the ‘pay-it-forward’ attitude and connect with people by seeing how you can help them. By connecting with people and not seeing interactions as a transaction, you will open up opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. Also, it’s a wonderful way of making a difference in people’s lives.

We hope you enjoyed the FAQ! If you have any other questions for Therése, feel free to drop us a line.

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