Lessons learned from the startup journey – Living on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster


Therése Gedda is the Founder & CEO of the award-winning company 30minMBA. She is also a seasoned international keynote speaker on topics including the entrepreneurial mindset, business culture, and personal branding. She started her first company within management consulting when she was 17 years old and has since become a serial entrepreneur with +14 years experience. While living on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster, Therése has learned a thing or two, which she has shared with countless fellow entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. Below are three tips from her journey so far:

1. If there’s one thing Therése encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to do right away it’s to prepare for the ride. She encourages entrepreneurs to be aware that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is a rollercoaster. But it need not be scary. “My belief is that if you know that you’re on a rollercoaster, it’s a lot easier to deal with the ups and downs”, she says. “It’s better to know in advance that it’s not a straight line or a walk in the park. It’s rather that you will experience extreme highs and lows and that’s just part of it. But things are temporary. Always remember that things are temporary. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize that this is going to pass and that it’s not always going to be like this. It’s not always going to be difficult and more importantly, it’s going to be a lot of fun a lot of the time.”

2. Inevitably, your fears will be challenged. “Whatever you’re afraid of, sooner or later in this lifestyle, you will need to deal with it. You’re not alone in  having to face challenges.” That is why, she says, having support is crucial. “There’s amazing advisors and mentors, wonderful friends and family, as well as the entire startup community behind you to help you through it”.

3. When dealing with challenges, being uncertain about which way to turn or where to go, Therése suggests using a combination of your mind and your gut. “I think it’s important to invite both parts. I believe that it’s important to both tap into your analytical mind, to have some kind of rationale behind things, but also listen to your gut feeling, your intuition, and, of course, your heart. If something feels wrong, then listen to that. If something feels right, even if the logic isn’t completely there, it’s probably worth giving it a try.”

Rollercoaster rides aside, one of the most exciting things about entrepreneurship is that it’s limitless, says Therése. “There’s no limitations. Regardless of age, when it comes to  where you come from, or whether you have a formal education or not, you can do whatever you want and that’s the entrepreneurial mindset.”

Dream big, work hard, believe, and enjoy the ride.

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