Lack of leadership capability costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually*

Empower your leaders

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Empowering Your Leaders


Support your leaders excelling by exploring the power of futuristic leadership tools to increase your teams' engagement, motivation, and productivity.

Our Modern Leadership Course will explore leadership techniques to better organize, motivate and develop teams. The course is composed of 3 parts summing up to 16 weekly 3 hour-classes.

The classes can be taken from where it suits the leaner best through an online webinar tool.

Our teaching approach explores the power of group discussions and debating exercises to utilize every leaders' experience and best practices. It is customized to your company's culture and led by the recognized thought leader on the Future of Work and skilled serial entrepreneur, Therése Gedda.

Ready to empower your leaders?

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Our course content and plan will be custom-designed to your company's culture and leaders' development goals as well as your schedule availability. Book a discovery call and learn more about all the benefits of providing this course to your leaders.


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Who should attend?

Executives and team leaders with management responsibilities and leadership experience looking to empower themselves with the latest on leadership, Business Culture and the Future of Work —especially founders, C-level executives, general managers and directors, and senior HR professionals.


What will your leaders learn?

Through presentations of leading theories, case studies, self-assessments, group exercises, and individual exercises, you will explore proven practices of extraordinary leadership. The course balances debate and analysis with opportunities for reflection, personal development and considerations on how to implement course learnings. Topics and benefits include:

Part I: Leadership Mastery

  • Developing the leadership mindset that enables more engaged and productive teams.

  • Growing self-awareness and self-leadership capabilities.

  • Exploring each learner's own leadership style.

  • Designing thriving team cultures and processes.

  • Building productive teams resorting to the latest frameworks and techniques on productivity.

  • Learning how to best show appreciation for each team member contribution.

Part II: Leadership Brilliance

  • Exploring the benefits of designing a life to excel as leaders.

  • Aligning culture, strategy and leadership for greater company and team success.

  • Hacking decision-making with culture namely in difficult situations.

  • Mastering emotional leadership.

  • Motivating a high achieving workforce and getting the most value from each team member strengths.

  • Inspiring, motivating and developing others to thrive as High Achievers.

Part III: Futuristic Leadership

  • Exploring the evolution from the old to the new model of building businesses.

  • Understanding the business and people implications (and benefits) of the Future of Work.

  • Using storytelling techniques as a leader to motivate and engage teams and customers.

  • Going from a fixed to growth mindset to take each day as an opportunity for self and team improvement.

  • Learning key negotiation techniques and exploring the power of influence.

  • Recruiting and motivating top performers on culture.

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We are uniquely positioned to deliver the latest trends and content on the people dimension of the Future of Work and its implication on leadership. We support leaders building the right futuristic leadership to support High Achievers to thrive in a context of disruptive changes in the workplace.


 Supporting Leaders to Reach Greatness

Empower yourself for the future

Explore the latest trends, models and theories on leadership, business culture and workplace engagement to build the right toolkit to thrive as a leader today and tomorrow.

Turn wisdom into action

Reflect about your own leadership experience and your fellow leader's experience to boost self-awareness and to better acknowledge how to apply the course learnings into your day-to-day.

Go beyond the theory

We will support you discovering how to make use of the different learnings in your team and create the support and accountability system to discuss the value created in doing so.


We are here for the long run

Our course is designed to give you time to mature new ways of leading and build the momentum to achieve greatness. By dividing the course into 3 parts we want to support you in a journey of becoming the thriving leader of tomorrow.

Meet us where it fits you best

To experience a modern, time efficient and flexible way of connecting, the classes are through an online webinar tool to allow you to seek out places that make you feel most comfortable.

Oriented by the best

You will be working with Therése Gedda, an experienced and renowned Achievement and Performance Coach and Thought Leader on Future of Work that has inspired thousands of leaders globally to thrive.

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We admit candidates according to space availability (from a minimum of 6 to 12 learners), and encourage you to apply as early as possible. Although most programs have no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibilities.

Support your team leaders excelling at their role. Apply for a course with exclusivity to your company's executives and team members. In this format, we can customize the course to your company's culture and your leader's development goals.

Investment for 16 weeks: $15,000 per leaner
Course with limited slots. Apply today


Unhappy employees often leave their job because of a poor relationship with a manager

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Therése is an extraordinary individual with a great drive. She has an exceptional ability to quickly grasp new information and converting it into concrete actions. She is also an exceptional facilitator and contributor: sharing her extensive knowledge with high energy and charisma, paired with professionalism and a genuine interest in making individuals excel. Therése is truly phenomenal at empowering people.
— Annelie Sule, Innovation and Business Development Manager at Umbilical Design
Highly driven, goal-focused and with an extraordinary degree of commitment to her projects. She can handle the grit of being an entrepreneur – not being someone to quit or easily doubt her ideas or vision. She wants to bring about change and engages the people around her in her ideas. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business. I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know.
— Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne
Good leaders inspire action, but great leaders inspire change! Therése has the ability to identify the smallest things that make you thrive and grow as a person both professionally and personally. She moves seamlessly between empirical evidence to business know-how. She has the global network to connect the individuals and ideas that create real impact and change the world for the better. Regardless, if you are looking for a keynote speaker to wow your audience or an experienced advisor to guide your board, Therése is a true asset.
— Jonathan Danemo, Analyst at Vinnova


Meet Your Leadership Trainer

As a High Achiever herself, Therése Gedda works with High Achievers everywhere with the ambition to empower them to reach their full potential. She’s driven by making a difference and is using actionable techniques, empowering mindset and behaviors to do so.

She has a Master’s degree from Stockholm School of Economics and a vast experience in behavioral science and positive psychology.

Therése is recognized as one of the most influential individuals from the Nordics by Nordic 100. She has inspired and empowered more than 30,000 people over the world for the last 17 years in one-on-one meetings, group sessions and from stages in over ten countries.


Empowering individuals to reach their full potential

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To delegate right is one of the most important leadership techniques for a company of High Achievers.

Check our Future of Work Series episode on how to delegate best.



Source: Gallup