Five months later – How did I experience the Entrepreneurship in Stockholm?

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Five months ago I started a new adventure: the Entrepreneurship program from Erasmus. After my travel through Asia, I exchanged my bikinis for sweaters and jackets. My boarding pass had ‘Stockholm’ printed on it, so that’s where I went. 30minMBA welcomed me with open arms and the weeks flew by. The last couple of months I received many questions like: ‘so, what do you do?’ and ‘what are you learning there?’ Today is the day I tell you what my life was about the last months and how I entered an amazing new world.


Why an Entrepreneurship?

The Erasmus program for Young Entrepreneurs is specially designed for people with a thirst for learning and the ambition to start a business for themselves one day. After my graduation, this felt like the perfect fit. Creating and learning in a real company, where everything you do makes a difference. The program connected me with 30minMBA, an award-winning startup in Stockholm. Two Skype meetings, a cultural test for cultural fit, a strength test and a final ‘goal document’ later, I was on a plane to Stockholm. Therése Gedda, the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA, told me during one of our Skype sessions that this exchange wouldn’t be about traveling. “If you want to see Sweden, you shouldn’t work here. If you want to grow professionally, this is the place to be.” My expectations were set: working hard to learn a lot. Let’s go.

She empowered me

In November 2017 I arrived in Stockholm. One Airbnb place and hostel later, I had found the right apartment and was ready to start my journey. Entering at 30minMBA, Therése Gedda took me under her wings and taught me how to fly. Let me introduce you to Therése: she is the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA. As Keynote Speaker, she travels the world talking about workplace engagement, business culture, innovation, mindset, lifestyle design, wellbeing, The Future of Work and so on. These topics led us to interesting conversations that continued to deep in the night. Her purpose in life is to empower individuals to reach their full potential. I’m proud to say I’m one of those individuals she empowered!

What we are striving for

Let me tell you a little more about the company. 30minMBA is dedicated to increasing workplace engagement through cultural design and actionable learning. We empower companies through cultural transformation; preparing them for the Future of Work. At the center of our delivery is an innovative mobile learning experience dedicated to supporting positive behavioral change. People within a company can then develop their business skills ‘on the go’ and apply new knowledge in their work instantly. The 30minMBA experience is specifically designed for high achievers and high potentials to communicate better, lead better, and perform better while they thrive and help drive positive cultural change.

More, more, more

Along the way we created other exciting things to empower more individuals, like the Be Brilliant Academy; an academy to support high achievers to achieve more. We launched this amazing platform with an online Entrepreneurship Course and Performance Coaching. There is way more to come. Who knows, the Be Brilliant Academy might inspire the next change makes who makes the world a better place. We also started an online store, which already includes one book written by us, 30minMBA. It’s an achievement book called The Futuristic You, including a 30-day challenge to help you design a morning and night routine. In January 2018, we started our Youtube channel. The goal of using Youtube is to help high potentials and high achievers to get ready for The Future of Work. We want to inspire, teach and help them by sharing our knowledge, wisdom, and vision. We had the pleasure to interview amazing high achievers for our channel, about several topics like innovation, creativity, and lifestyle design. Stay tuned to watch their inspiring stories yourself. One day, I pitched an idea for one of the Youtube videos, and the team decided to put me in front of the camera with this story. I loved it so much that I even got to do more videos. The videos are about the millennials’ view on the Future of Work. You can check it out here! 



The rollercoaster

I can tell you; I had to acclimatize during the first weeks. Although the reality was even better than my expectations, I wasn’t used to this way of working. Therése’s idea of the entrepreneurship program was to take me along into everything a startup is involved in. Wow, having a startup with a vision this big is a real rollercoaster. Luckily Therése is multitalented since you need to know everything about everything. Designing, testing and leading the project to build an innovative tech product. Co-creating with the market, interviewing and networking with fans and friends of the brand. Sharing stories and the vision over and over again. Scriptwriting, storytelling, advertisement, video editing, social media and SEO, innovation, sales, finance, tech, consulting, pitching and leadership are just some of the many skills she needs to use. You can’t quit when it’s difficult, and you can’t let your fears take the lead. It’s a challenge, but it’s exciting every day. You never know how your day will look like! As I wrote before: you need to know everything about everything when you’re running a startup. I had the honor to join every step of the way. Sometimes I don’t understand how she does it. I have so much respect for the way she is living her purpose and helping and inspiring others every day!

Life in a startup

Therése showed me around in almost every aspect involving in a startup: including her lifestyle. She is a maximizer, which inspired me to redesign my days. For example, I love to spend time on showering in the morning, not so much on cooking in the evening. I wouldn’t say I’m a maximizer yet, but at least I’m aware now of the possibilities. She also introduced me to meditation. Just by clearing your mind for 10 minutes when you wake up, your day starts calm and lovely: full of gratitude and awareness. A morning routine, in general, can give your morning the boost you need. I know my day starts better when I don’t have to rush. Back in the days, I rushed from my bed to school or work. I would quickly eat a sandwich on the way while trying to win the race against the clock. Ever since I’ve learned how body clock works, I don’t do that anymore. I realized it’s better for me to start the day later and end the day later than I did before. I’m an evening person; an owl. Instead of fighting against it I embraced it.

I’m an evening person; an owl. Instead of fighting against it I embraced it.

My perfect day

As explained before, Therése showed me a bit about everything. There were certain tasks I preferred. My perfect day would go as follows: I would wake up at 10 in the morning. A 10-minute meditation, a 10-minute shower with music (Rock of Ages) in the background and some breakfast would kickstart my day. My perfect day includes feeling the sun on my face while walking to my first workplace of the day. My first workplace would be a hotel lobby or coffee shop where I feel inspired and creative. Writing would be my first order of the day. I especially like scriptwriting and storytelling, and I love to dive into other peoples emotions. That’s my end goal with writing: to make people feel something special at that moment. After writing, I would edit a video with Premiere Pro and After Effects. I learned that here, and I love it.

It’s probably dinner time by then, which means Therése has joined me. We would go to our creative office to have some dinner and continue our work from there. While eating, we would share ideas, stories and brainstorm about everything from strategies to new product ideas. We would then continue our session after dinner. We love to write our brightest insights on a post-it and stick it to the wall. This way we can look at it every day. 

Around that time, we would receive exciting emails that change our evening completely. An email about an invitation for Therése to speak at a conference, an email from a potential client and an email about a great insight from a fan for example. Since we act upon important things right away, I would need to postpone the Youtube session I had planned with myself. Together we would work on the opportunities the emails brought. That’s so awesome, to receive unexpected opportunities. It requires creativity at any time, but the challenge makes it an exciting process. Around midnight I would go home and end a perfect day feeling fulfilled.


More than just a job

As I wrote in the beginning, my expectations were different from reality. Being part of 30minMBA is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Before this adventure, I thought of working 8 hours a day for five days a week. Now I experienced what you can accomplish when working 12 hours a day. And if I can learn this much in only five months, then imagine how much I can learn in a lifetime. 

And if I can learn this much in only five months, then imagine how much I can learn in a lifetime.

My future

As from now, I’m not a participant in the Entrepreneurship program anymore. I’m making magic at 30minMBA as a Creative Intrapreneur. My next adventure? Making 30minMBA grow with Eindhoven as home base.

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