How to do develop your people?


85 percent are not engaged in their work
Successful individuals are building successful companies. That’s why we want to fill our companies with successful individuals, or also called: high potentials and high achievers. 

Low engagement is a barrier for thriving companies
According to Gallup only 15 percent of employees are engaged in their work globally— that is, involved in and enthusiastic about their work. Low engagement is a barrier to creating high-performing cultures and a waste of potential. There are no benefits of low engagement. It’s not good for the employees. It’s not good for the customers. It’s not good for the shareholders. It’s time to re-imagine the workplace starting with culture. 

The cultural transformation
Let’s start with the foundation – Culture. To address engagement in the workplace, we need to address the foundation first. At the core of a thriving workplace is a culture that builds upon the company’s purpose, values, and mission – a purpose-oriented culture. And culture can be designed.