Culturally driven companies have 18% more revenue per employee than the average

How are you designing and scaling your culture to achieve success? Ready to explore the Future of Work to keep and attract the best people?

Therése and her team will empower your leadership team to identify and nurture high potential employees and develop them into high achievers, inspire creativity amongst the teams to achieve extraordinary goals, and create scalable support systems based on behavioral science
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines

The Future of Work is here, and it starts with a thriving culture

We work closely with startups, scaleups and fast-growing companies on designing, re-designing and scaling their culture. Our services are delivered in customized packages in formats spanning from ‘learn the basics’ to a ‘fully fledged’ delivery depending on the company’s needs and goals. Explore the key areas we work with below. To learn more about the exact details in each package do feel free to reach out to us directly.


Our Cultural Consulting Packages

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Cultural Design

Culturally driven companies have 18% more revenue per employee than the average*

Design or re-design your culture to a purpose-driven approach that will scale as the company grows and that empowers your employees today and tomorrow. By strengthening your culture, you can keep, attract and enable your best people – the High Achievers – in the short- and long run.

This package includes discovery session, assessments of the current perceived company culture, onsite workshops, action plans, research, executive coaching, follow-up sessions, and reports all focused on designing a thriving cultural identity to boost workplace engagement.

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Business Growth

Only 1/3 of the fastest growing companies are successful*

Grow your company's operations to come closer to its purpose by focusing on the right cultural, leadership and strategic foundations. With this package, we will support your company by designing and executing on a customized growth plan to scale your business effectively.

This extensive package includes discovery session, assessments of current resources and needs, exploration and analysis of the stage of development and growth ambition, onsite workshops, action plans, research, ongoing executive coaching, follow-up sessions, and development of toolkits for growth.

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Recruit and Retain on Culture

82% of the time, companies end up choosing a candidate with the wrong talent for the job*

Attract High Achievers who match your values and culture by strengthening your recruitment processes. Additionally, keep your High Achievers engaged by developing and strengthen your learning initiatives and leadership processes to enhance your culture.

This package includes discovery session, assessments of current recruitment initiatives, learning, and KPI processes, action plans and executive coaching. Furthermore, it includes research, onsite workshops focused on re-designing processes, and follow-up sessions. It also features a proprietary recruit on culture model and methodology.

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Futuristic Work

79% of autonomous employees are engaged*

Embrace futuristic ways of working that empower your High Achievers to innovate, grow and take the initiative. Boost creativity and productivity with futuristic leadership techniques, employee autonomy, management of distributed teams and strength-based development.

This package includes discovery session, assessments of current ways of working, research, onsite workshops, action plans, executive coaching, follow-up sessions, and reports. The focus is on strengthening the work environment, teamwork processes and development opportunities that boost your people's productivity.


*Source: Gallup, Kauffman Foundation and Inc. Magazine, Effectory


Bridging the gap between what science knows and what business does 

Having founded three companies over the years, I realized one important thing along the way - you can never afford to stop learning. As each company grew from a handful to hundreds of people, the challenges have rarely been the same, so after 15 years of start-ups, I had the pleasure of meeting and engaging Therese to be my personal founder/executive coach. After a few sessions, I realized that the broader leadership team at my company would also greatly benefit from Therese and her 30minMBA team, so we engaged them to deliver their Cultural and Leadership Program. They have worked extensively with many startups (especially at different stages of growth) which has given them the empathy to be attentive and responsive to fast-paced environments. They bring a unique combination of coaching management teams on both leadership development and business strategy, scale-up challenges, and establishing the right company values to enable a clear strategic direction. I was particularly impressed when they were able to bridge between people of different professional and personality backgrounds and get everyone “speaking the same language”. By bringing their unique perspective on how to design and scale cultures to enable companies to grow sustainably, this program has had a lasting impact on our productivity and performance and has greatly improved collaboration and communication across the company. Over the years they have developed proprietary techniques and frameworks to model company culture, workplace engagement, leadership development, and recruitment (to name a few) to enable these skills to become teachable and actionable. Therese and her team will empower your leadership team to identify and nurture high potential employees and develop them into high achievers, inspire creativity amongst the teams to achieve extraordinary goals, and create scalable support systems based on behavioral science. They have been a great asset to our company, and I’ve recommended them to several other executives who have also gone on to have very positive continued engagements with them.
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines
Therése has the ability to create magic – constantly, it seems. With loads of creativity and determination, Therese has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create exceptional value and media attention from limited resources. She is a phenomenal startup CEO, an incredible leader and she has an amazing passion for empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. I’m proud to vouch for her, because I’ve seen from the inside how she works and what she does to always deliver - both on stage as a keynote speaker and behind-the-scenes in business. Therése is extremely talented across the board and with her determination, no industry is safe from disruption.
— Tony Friede, Investment Manager at VINNOVA
Being a strategic advisor of 30minMBA, I have had the great opportunity of working together with Therése. She is an amazing person and an exceptional leader who has built several companies from scratch. She started her entrepreneurial journey as a 17-year-old, founding a management consultancy company successfully working with startups and fast-growing firms for over a decade. With over 15 years as a founder and keynote speaker, she is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. Therése has a great passion for entrepreneurship with a remarkable degree of commitment to her projects. The dedication to getting things done, the passion for challenging the status quo and empowering people to greatness, makes her an extraordinary inspiration for myself and other founders.
— Anneli Viklund, Innovation Expert at ALMI
Therése is a very talented, sharp and competent professional who is extremely passionate about her work and making a difference. She has acquired immense knowledge through her experience as a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. This unique combination of personal experience and scientific research is what has made her, her business and the people around her so successful. I believe she is an invaluable mentor, speaker and advisor.
— Jonas Almeling, Regional Director Nordics & Northern Europe of Startup Grind

Our Approach


Empowering High Achievers

High Achievers are building today's and tomorrow's successful companies. High Achievers are engaged and driven individuals propelled by purpose and attracted by opportunities to grow and develop themselves. Our insights and tools celebrate, prioritize, and empower your High Achievers so you can keep and attract the best people in your company.


Startup and Scaleup Experience

Our interdisciplinary team's experience in building and growing businesses is vast. Our Founder alone has been in the global startup community for 17 years, and our extensive network in the community inspires actionable recommendations and enables our clients with valuable network opportunities.


It's All About Tomorrow

We are a visionary company with a belief in supporting companies to be successful today and most importantly tomorrow. We re-imagine your workplace with proprietary futuristic models and methodologies inspired by Therése Gedda's research and keynote speeches – an internationally recognized thought leader on Future of Work.

Long-Term Partnership

We believe in building strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We want to witness and support companies scaling their operations successfully and with a focus on creating sustainable long-term value. Our goal is to be our client's cultural and leadership support system.

Client-First Approach

Our consulting services, workshops, keynotes, and executive coaching are highly customized to the client's needs and context. We take great pride in ensuring maximum lasting impact.


A Cultural Transformation Ecosystem

Our services and our selected partner's products build an ecosystem to support every company building a strong cultural base for growth and success. We are offering services in different formats, which are tailored for several organizational roles and exploring various thematics including culture, leadership, and strategy.


We Teach You How To Fish

We believe in re-imagining the workplace for the better and enabling a long-term sustainable success path for our clients. This is only possible by building the internal capabilities to explore the learnings, models, and tools we provide.

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It’s time to put people first and empower engagement