30minMBA Guided Engagement Meditation – available on iTunes now!

We are excited to announce that, here at 30minMBA, we have launched a new guided engagement meditation series. The first meditation in our series has just been released on iTunes [...]

Reaching Your Potential and How Self Sabotage Gets In The Way

Humans are infinitely powerful. We have the ability of co-creating the world and to pursue any goal we desire. Our potential and our ability to learn is beyond our own [...]

The Future Work – Empowering people’s performance, wellbeing and engagement in the workplace

In her keynote 'The Future Work – Empowering people’s performance, wellbeing and engagement in the workplace', our Founder and CEO Therése Gedda explains that the workplace as we know is [...]

Making the ordinary, extraordinary: Bringing Mindfulness to our Day

Most of us have daily routines which we go about without any great awareness. We get up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, and we go to work. But just [...]

New Year, New You – New Year’s Resolutions and This Year’s Reflections

The truth is any time of year is the right time to start new, healthy routines, break bad habits, inspire change, and set new goals. But for many, the ending [...]

How To Increase Your Wellbeing – Setting Authentic Goals

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, the popular SMART model is one tool which many have found to be powerful and helpful. However, there’s another element which is [...]

Don’t Let Procrastination Get In Your Way – 3 Effective Ideas To Get Things Done

Do you thrive on the thrill of a deadline? Or do you prefer working at a slow and steady pace? Alternatively, do you simply wait until the last minute before [...]