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Join 30minMBA as a Business and Growth Associate (internship opportunity)

Work from where and when you are most creative (location independent)  


This is an opportunity to join a award-winning growing startup based in New York City and to work in direct collaboration with 30minMBA's CEO and recognized thought leader, Therése Gedda. 30minMBA supports high achieving leaders and fast-growing companies to reach their full potential. Learn more about us here.

What we are all about

30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to increasing workplace engagement through cultural consulting and actionable learning. We help companies design a purpose-driven company to keep and attract High Achievers and to build a strong base for growth, focusing on purpose, values, and empowering behavior. We also help leaders and High Achievers to grow personally and professionally with the ultimate goal to empower them to reach their full potential.

The Opportunity

You will be working directly with and in close collaboration with 30minMBA CEO, Therése Gedda. Your role will include supporting the development and delivery of our cultural consulting, leadership coaching, and premium actionable learning programs. The clients are primary fast-growing companies, startups, C-levels, and high achieving individuals. You will be invited to shape the future of the company through targeted contributions and initiatives connected to product development, strategic discussions, and planning. It's a role with a lot of autonomy where your work matter. You will also be involved in client acquisition efforts as well as experience the growth of our operations, teams, and impact. The work and projects will span multiple skills and tasks, including preparation of a deck, business cases, writing, and much more. Every day is different – during one day you might be developing a business case to pitch to a client, writing a white paper on workplace engagement, booking a venue for a client event, and contributing a strategy discussion with the CEO. 

What kind of High Achiever are you?

  • We are looking for a High Achiever to contribute to building the company.

  • You have a High Achiever mindset, and you thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment where delivery and achieving goals are celebrated.

  • You love working with problem-solving and you are analytical and rational.

  • You are passionate about contributing to the success of others and shaping organizations, leaders, and individuals for the better.

  • You communicate effortlessly in writing and verbally.

  • You naturally come from a customer-centric approach and have strong client management skills.

  • You see yourself as a lifelong learner and have a thirst for developing new skills.

  • You enjoy stepping outside your comfort zone and value a leader who leads on your potential.

  • You enjoy to work collaboratively and appreciate feedback to take your work to the next level.

  • You are self-motivated and work well both independently and in teams.

  • You love achieving goals daily and have the ability to get into flow quickly.

  • You also enjoy working in multiple time zones, are flexible on where and when you work and experience uncertainty and a heavy workload as an exciting challenge.

  • You enjoy challenging the status quo and bring in critical thinking to your work.

  • You enjoy taking initiative since you will be invited and encouraged to share your ideas about how we can do things even better and accelerate our impact.


This is for you if…

We are a fast-growing startup that believes in empowering individuals to reach their full potential. We live by that daily both with our clients and with our team members. You will have the chance to learn and grow every day and work with great companies and thought leaders. You will be given the autonomy to work when and where you are most creative and to enjoy a highly collaborative, transparent, and dynamic work environment. Your opinion is regarded as high as the CEO's thoughts, and you will have the opportunity to change companies and individuals for the better.

One last thing: We are looking for High Achievers who share our mission and values.

Are you the perfect match?
Apply by sending your CV, a personal note and something that shows us who you are to join (at)

We are interviewing candidates on an ongoing basis. The start date is agreed upon with the High Achiever, but preferred state date is in October, 2019. Latest date to apply, Oct 10, 2019.

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