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Powerful night routine for high achievers

A good end of the day can bring you an amazing start to a new day. How do you design your night routine? In this video we give you some great tips to help you design your night routine. Are you ready to increase your performance?   In [...]

6 healthy morning habits for high achievers

How do you start your day? Have you ever thought about how to kickstart it better? Check out our new video where we talk about 6 healthy morning habits for you, the high achievers. In our effort to re-imagine the workplace, and be the champion for the high achievers, we’ve created [...]

Designing a Thriving Company Culture – Keynote Speech at Uppstart

A winter day this fall part of the 30minMBA team traveled to Uppsala, north of Stockholm, for the Uppstart – the inspiring startup and tech conference hosted in Uppsala Castle. With buzzing energy in the audience and additional great speakers gracing the stage, our Founder and CEO, Therese, delivered one [...]

How to set goals and achieve them with the Goal Formula

In our effort to re-imagine the workplace, and be the champion for the high achievers, we’re excited to announce our new Youtube channel. Are you ready for the Future of Work? Check out our first video on ‘How to Set Goals and Achieve Them with the Goal Formula.’ In this [...]

From a spark to an MVP in less than four weeks

A couple of months ago we were given a challenge. To design an entrepreneurship course for musicians and performances who study the two-year college of higher vocational studies – Music Business Developer. We decided to take that challenge to the next level and designed a crash course in entrepreneurship that meant to [...]

Join our exclusive workshop series in Stockholm

Are you looking to design a culture where your employees thrive? We have an exciting announcement. As some of you know, our Founder and CEO Therése is a recognized international keynote speaker who graces stages at conferences from Paris and London to Toronto and Boston. And we're often asked for [...]

New Years Gift from 30minMBA

We have a special gift for you for this holiday. It's an achievement ebook filled with questions, wisdom, and exercises to support you to thrive as a high achiever called: The Futuristic You – A 30-Day Challenge Without further ado, here's our gift to you. We hope you enjoy it. Have an amazing holiday [...]

December 22nd, 2017|Categories: Achievement, Wellbeing|Tags: , , , , , , |

Increase Your Wellbeing And Work Performance By Knowing How Your Body Clock Works

Do you feel more active in the morning or during the night? Have you ever wondered why you feel tired at work sometimes even when you had a good night’s sleep? Have you experienced a few sleepless nights in the past months? Do you feel more creative in the morning, [...]

Commit to Thrive

Our Founder and CEO, Therese, is getting ready to rock the first of two exclusive lectures for our friends at DMG Education in Stockholm. We're excited to meet the future generation in the music industry. Today's talk covers Lifestyle Design and Committing to Thrive.

September 8th, 2017|Categories: Speaking Engagements|

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