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Five months later – How did I experience the Entrepreneurship in Stockholm?

Five months ago I started a new adventure: the Entrepreneurship program from Erasmus. After my travel through Asia, I exchanged my bikinis for sweaters and jackets. My boarding pass had ‘Stockholm’ printed on it, so that’s where I went. 30minMBA welcomed me with open arms and the weeks flew by. [...]

Should I go for this opportunity?

Some activities are scary, especially things you’ve never done before. Networking with new people, pitching your idea in front of strangers or joining a trip with people you don’t know. It’s so easy to say no to opportunities, to spend your time on things inside your comfort zone. You will [...]

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Speaker Reel by Keynote Speaker Therése Gedda

Our Founder and CEO, Therese Gedda, spreads our beliefs on how to develop and keep a thriving business culture all over the world. We are so excited to share her journey today – 15 years as Keynote Speaker in one video. Keep inspiring others Therése like you’re inspiring the 30minMBA [...]

How to network effectively at an event

Networking and connecting with people can both be exciting and challenging. Today, we share how to get more out of your next event or conference and what to do before, during and after the event. How will you try it out for yourself and at what event? [...]

Open offices are overrated

This video from Vox shows perfectly what a great open office space contains. Does your workplace meet their wisdom? Check the complete video here:   In our effort to re-imagine the workplace, and be the champion for the high achievers, we’ve created the ‘Increase your Performance‘ playlist on [...]

Experience a greater sense of achievement at the end of the day

Don't we all want to end the day feeling amazing because of our achievements? In this video, we give you some great tips on how to plan your time, so you experience a greater sense of achievement.   In our effort to re-imagine the workplace, and be [...]

Acts of kindness at work – 15 ways to live as a giver

This video is probably our favorite one so far! Living as a Giver; showing appreciation and care for one another. How will you let your colleague or leader know what you are grateful tomorrow? Check out our video and let yourself be inspired to give more. In [...]

How to achieve your goals – Are you committed or just interested? 

It can take you years to achieve a goal, a dream. An incredible journey with a lot of ups and some downs. The only way to achieve a long-term goal is when you commit 100%. The question is: are you fully committed or just interested in achieving your goals?   [...]

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