30minMBA Guided Engagement Meditation – available on iTunes now!

We are excited to announce that, here at 30minMBA, we have launched a new guided engagement meditation series.

The first meditation in our series has just been released on iTunes and Amazon! The 10-minute guided engagement meditation focuses on increasing engagement, identifying your strengths and values, and how to be more mindful of these in your work and in your everyday. We are truly excited about the product and the series and we hope you enjoy it too.

“Empowering individuals to reach their full potential, and increasing engagement have always been the core of 30”, says 30minMBA Founder and CEO Therese Gedda. “Our new meditation series complements our award-winning mobile learning product. While the mobile learning tool makes it easy for companies to empower their people by developing their business skills “on the go” and then applying the lessons directly in their work, the new meditation series is a supportive tool for both individuals and companies. It is designed to encourage people to reflect on their work, their successes, and their strengths and, of course, bring mindfulness to their tasks”.

Regarding upcoming meditations, Therese says “we’re excited to work in additional meditations. Acknowledging achievements and success, and focusing on gratitude are just two that are in the pipeline.”

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of meditation and mindfulness and how it positively affects your work and wellbeing, check out our article ‘Making the ordinary, extraordinary’.

The meditation is now available for download on iTunes worldwide, Apple Music, and Amazon. Sample via the widget below!

We’d love to hear about your experience with the meditation.



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