In her keynote ‘The Future Work – Empowering people’s performance, wellbeing and engagement in the workplace‘, our Founder and CEO Therése Gedda explains that the workplace as we know is rapidly changing. With millennials entering the workforce and the digital transformation well and truly under way, everything is changing.

These changes provide us with the incredible opportunity to re-imagine the way we work. Instead of florescent tube lighting, traditional work cubicles or open plan environments, we can now revolutionize the workplace like never before by exploring new creative and effective ways to support our employees’ productivity, engagement, and wellbeing.

By re-imaging our workplace, we have the power to enable individuals to thrive in beautiful, functional environments that incorporate purpose-specific lighting, fabrics, and spaces that naturally lend themselves to collaboration.

If it’s your aim to work independently with the goal of “getting in the zone” and experience flow, what is the best way to facilitate that? If you want people to feel purpose and a sense of belonging, how do you create spaces to support this? If you want people to feel inspired and make magic with the ability to achieve great results as soon as they walk through the door, how do accomplish that?

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