An award-winning mobile learning tool designed to increase engagement in the workplace

We believe that successful companies are built upon successful individuals. We also believe that high employee engagement is the key for any successful company. Increased levels of engagement have been proven to increase productivity, wellbeing, and loyalty, along with the motivation to contribute to the company’s success.

30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to mobile learning and behavioral change designed for high-performing companies who want to empower their people by giving them the opportunity to develop their business skills “on the go” with a focus on increasing engagement in the workplace.

Our international and interdisciplinary team consists of people spanning three continents with our headquarters in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Our rockstar team consists of people with backgrounds in education, positive psychology, behavioral science, business development, writing, marketing, and technology all passionate about increasing workplace engagement.

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Guided Engagement Meditation Series

We are excited to announce the release of our new Guided Engagement Meditation series for both companies and individuals.

The first meditation in the series is now available to download on iTunes and Amazon.

In the 10-minute Guided Engagement Meditation, we focus on increasing engagement, identifying strengths and values, and how to be more mindful of these in your work and in your everyday.

We hope you enjoy the series!

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30minMBA – An award-winning mobile learning tool designed to increase engagement in the workplace 

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What people are saying

This is, indeed, a really smart mobile service, which enables me to enhance my business skills while on the go. The acquired knowledge definitely inspires me to look at my projects from new, different angles.
– Johanna Ahrenstedt, International Marketing Project Manager
Through all my life I’ve always wanted to learn new things but time is in short supply. Now, thanks to 30minMBA I can learn things not only when I’m on the move but I also learn faster!
– Peter Sandberg, Project Manager and Business Developer at Ziggy Creative Colony
A smart learning app for the 21st century.
– Anneli Viklund, Innovation Professional at ALMI